For fresh, uncooked sauces and other delicatessen products in Gauteng call Andre: 0765768696 or email:

EPA! Fresh, Uncooked, Delicious, Artisanal Chilli Sauces and Pestos*

* EPA! = WOW! Your reaction when you taste the freshness!

Chillipip Marketing is an agent and proud distributor of the Epa! Industries range of craft sauces and pestos. Epa! sauces distinguish themselves from other similar products by being uncooked, made with only fresh ingredients and containing no preservatives or other artificial additives.

Freshest ingredients and no preservatives - loads of flavour in every bottle!

The Epa! range includes eight delicious, lemon-based, multi-purpose sauces, as well as an amazing complimentary range of fresh pesto's for enhancing flavour.

The idea behind Epa! uncooked sauces is to minimise the effort of food preparation with easy frying, marinating, basting and cooking-in. Epa! sauces are perfect with chicken, fish, red meat, pasta, most veggies, chips and avocado. They are also great table sauces and salad dressings.

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Epa! Speciality Sauces

  • Lemon Xtra Hot Zing
  • Lemon Hot Zing
  • Lemon Mild Zing
  • LeMayo Basil
  • Sweet Jalapeno Zing - Mild
  • Sweet Jalapeno Zing - Hot
  • Lemon Jalapeno Zing - Hot

Epa! Pestos

  • Vinherb Garlic Feta
  • Vinherb Garlic Feta & Sundried Tomato
  • Vinherb Garlic Chilli
  • Vinherb Garlic Olive Paste
  • Vinherb Garlic Chilli Hot
  • Vinherb Garlic Pepper
  • Vinherb Garlic Feta & Olive

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Chillipip Marketing focuses on selling Epa! sauces and pestos direct to the public at numerous markets and food festivals throughout Gauteng all year round. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand at your local market - details of our itinerary are on our Facebook page.

TSULAMI High Protein Health Snacks

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We also sell other speciality food products such as Tsulami, a high protein salami snack made without any artificial additives. These are tasty snacks for watching your favourite rugga match or catching up with your mates! Top up your child's lunch box for an energy boost! Cycling out and about - place a packet of Tsulami in your kit! In other words, simply enjoy a good healthy MSG-free snack anywhere anytime!

For fresh, uncooked sauces and other delicatessen products in Gauteng call Andre: 0765768696 or email: